Plaid Long Sleeve Dress

Plaid Long Sleeve Dress & White Stiletto Booties Ami Club Wear

This is what happened when you are 5″2″, and sometimes when you see pieces that you’ll think it will work, they actually don’t. But the beauty about fashion is that you can make anything work, it all depends on how you styled it. I do like this Plaid Long Sleeve Dress by Ami Club Wear, but it ended up being to see thru for me, so I decided to pair with my favorite leggings. I don’t mind the length but too bad that I won’t be able to wear it as an actual dress. When Spring/Summer gets here, I can see myself rocking this cute plaid dress with a cute pair of cutout shorts.


Plaid Wide Leg Pant Suit

Plaid Wide Legs Pant Suit & Mock Neck Top – SheIn, White Pointy Toe Booties (sold out) – Ami Club Wear, Monogrammed Clutch (old) – United Monograms

Let’s talk business Y’all. When I saw this Plaid Suit on SheIn, I fell in love with it, and I had to have it. I love the fit and the material as well. Also, this is one suit that I can break and wear it separately. Remember to use my code: Q1madforfashion15, and take an extra 15% off.

Happy New Year Y’all!

Batwing Sleeve High Neck JumperShein, Jeggings – Ross Dress For Less, White Long Sleeve Tank – Target, #XGirlfriend Sock Booties in Burgundy – Shop Hashtag Heels (Use Code: #Mad4Fashion, Aviators – Ray Ban, Greenwald Chain Crossbody Bag – Aldo

Happy New Year Mad For Fashion Lovers, first let me thank all of you again for all of your sweet comments and prayers for my mom. I know this 2019, will be a better year for her. It is her year of rebirth! Second, I wish you guys a blessed and a very prosperous New Year. Whatever your new goals are, I know that you will accomplish them.

Here is a quick update about mom. Tomorrow morning she will have a Tracheostomy so that way she doesn’t continue depending on the ventilator, and also the ventilator can cause infections if it is on her throat for a long period of time. Also, it will help her to start waking up on her own too. I know that I was opposed of mom having a Tracheostomy done, but for right now it’s what best for her. She will also need a feeding tube placed directly on to her stomach. Once these two procedures are done, and if everything goes well in God’s name, then in seven days after these procedures are done, she can be moved into the rehab center and start rehabilitating. God is in control and I know that he is in charge. It is going to be a long process but my sister and I are ready to have our mother back.

Now, let’s speak fashion here for a second. Can we talk about this cute Batwing Sleeve High Neck Jumper I found on SheIn? Love how thick it is, but not heavy. It is perfect for this TX weather, especially when one day it is super cold and the next day it is humid and almost in the ’70s.

Interested in getting this Batwing Sleeve High Neck Jumper, or any other pieces from SheIn? Well don’t forget to use my personal discount code: Q1madforfashion15, and save an extra 15% off any purchase.

Black Button Tie Knot Cardigan & Cowboy Boots

Black Button Tie Knot Cardigan – Ami Club Wear, Jeans – Target, Monogrammed Tote (old) – United Monogram, Idyllwind Go West Western Pointed Toe Boots – Boot Barn

Happy Sunday Mad For Fashion Lovers. Sharing a quick post to give you guys a quick update about my mom’s health. I know last week I did share how frustrated I was with some of the doctors. Not sure if I mentioned that my dad was also coming to visit me and my sister? He arrived last Thursday and what a blessing that was. Not only he is speaking with all doctors in our behalf but he have help me and my sister understand mom’s current situation.

Mom is going to need a temporary Tracheostomy and also a feeding tube. She’s breathing ok so far but being intubated for a week now, the doctor feels that she most definitely need the Tracheostomy because neurologically mom is not there yet to have the ventilator remove for her to be on her own. Due to the fact her strokes & seizures may have caused her vocal cord to be weak and if they remove the tube her airways can shut down completely.

Thank you all so much for your comments and also for keeping my mother in your prayers.

Polka Dots & OTK Boots

Polka Dot Top – SheIn (Use Code: madforfashion20), Super High-Waist Jeans – Fashion Nova, #Highness OTK Boots in Tan – Shop Hashtag Heels, Bag – Tory Burch

Dear Mad For Fashion Lovers, thank you all so much for your prayers and for all of your sweet comments in concerns about my mom. My mother is continuing fighting and I know soon that everything that she is going thru shall pass.

Christmas Day was a good day. One of the Neuro doctors stop by my mom’s room and instructed to start turning down the heavy sedative she’s been on, and guess what? SHE OPENED HER EYES! It was only for a few seconds of course, and she also moved both of her legs too. 🙂

I am so happy about her progress but I’m also frustrated at the same time. This morning her CT Scan came back the same, no major changes. Tell me why the same Neuro doctor it is now insisting for my mom to have Tracheostomy? My mom is not brain dead, also her lungs seem to be fine, and she has been moving. Again, this is the same doctor that gave the order yesterday to turn the sedation down so my mom can start waking up on her own. Not sure what seems to be the rush. She can’t expect for my mother to bounced back just like that. This takes time. I feel like she is rushing my mom out of the hospital. What this doctor doesn’t understand is that God is the one that has the final say so, and God has been in control since my mom had her first stroke.

My prayer warriors, please continue praying for my mom. Let show these doctors how God is going to prove all of them wrong, how strong my mother is. I love you all, thank you so much for your prayers, your love, and for all of your support too.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

Floral Belted Shift Dress & Prima Mesh Pump in Black – JustFab, Bag – Tory Burch (gifted by mom)

Dear Mad For Fashion Lovers, normally I don’t like sharing too much of my personal life, but today I think it is time I vent with all of you. For the past week, I have been in the hospital with my mother. About a week go she had a stroke. At first, she was doing ok. She was alert and was conscious about what was happening around her. But this past Friday, her health took a major turn.

She ended up suffering a couple of seizures and on top of that, she had several more strokes. She is back on ICU and not as alert as she was before. She is heavily sedated and she also has a breathing tube to protect her airways. Her case is so rare that the doctors are trying the best they can to make her feel better without making it worse for her.

This year I didn’t do no Christmas shopping at all because this was mine and mom’s “thing”. I couldn’t find it in me to go out there on my own and shop at our favorite stores without her. I knew that it was going to end up breaking me, and God knows how many tears I have shed since all of this has happened.

All I want for Christmas is for all of you to add my mother in your prayers and ask for God’s healing hand for her to get well soon. The funny thing is that today is Jesus birthday, so today is my mother’s rebirth too.

Thank you all for your love and for your support always. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.

Red, White & Leopard…

Leopard Print Kimono – SheIn (Use Code – madforfashion20), Vintage White Dress (gifted), #XGirlfriend Sock Booties in Burgundy – Hashtag Heels, Greenwald Crossbody Bag – Aldo

Happy Thursday Mad For Fashion Lovers, and is it Friday yet? Are you guys done with your Christmas shopping? Well guess what? I haven’t even started but I still have two more weeks to do so, right? LOL

Am I the only one that leaves her Christmas shopping for the very last minute?