White After Labor Day!

JustFab Hangbag & ShoeDazzle Heels!
JustFab Hangbag & ShoeDazzle Heels!

I am not sure who came up with that stupid rule but all I know is that the older I’m getting, the more I’m starting to love this color! It is not that I dislike the color white before. What I hate is wearing anything white and get it dirty withing the next second! Am I the only one that feels this way!



When I saw this amazing pair of white/snake heels at ShoeDazzle, it was a must have for me. I automatically thought about wearing them with my favorite floral skirt, add some stripes, and throw a denim vest. We all know it is all about vest this Fall season.




8 thoughts on “White After Labor Day!

  1. Berty, I didn’t used to wear white as much either but since last summer it has become one of my favorites. Like you, I don’t see a need to stop wearing it after Labor day either it is easy to incorporate into many outfits and you did a great job styling it here! I especially like the denim vest over your top.

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