Stripes, Stripes, Stripes…!

Nena heels by ShoeDazzle!
Nena heels by ShoeDazzle!

Happy Friday Mad For Fashion Lovers, and we survived another week! About today’s look there is no secret that I have an obsession with stripes, florals, and leopard. I have to wear something with stripes or with floral prints, and a touch of leopard at least once a week. I’m sure you guys have noticed it by now! The beauty about these three prints is that you can combined all of them together in one look, or treat them individually as neutrals.

OK enough of my obsessions and lets get back on track. I wanted to share with all of you Nena by ShoeDazzle. When these beauties came out on Spring this year, they sold out faster than hot cakes, so I had it to wait until mid Summer to get them. What can I say, I have obsessions remember..LOL

Nena is a dressy pair and I wanted to keep the look very simple and casual, and not to make it look so Summery! Even though the weather-man said last night on the news that on the first day of Fall, the highest temperature for us here in Dallas will be 93 degrees!



Happy Friday Mad For Fashion Lovers!




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