Oversized Fringe Dress or a Top?

Oversized Fringe Dress by Rio Ritz Boutique!

A while back I was invited to celebrate the one year anniversary of Dallas Blogger Collective, and I was super happy that the girls included me to be part of this event.  The Dallas Blogger Collective group, was created by bloggers, for bloggers in Dallas/Fort Worth, to help them connect and network with other bloggers similar to them in their area. As a community, they help you grow by presenting opportunities and experiences as well as a platform to share your experiences, learn from one another and collaborate. I have to say that at my age, I am very honored to be part of this group.

The girls hosted this event at Rio Ritz Boutique, a local store here in Uptown, that carries all of the latest trends for less. As the Fashionista on a budget that I am, you Mad For Fashion Lovers know that I’m always in the lookout for the latest bargains, so I was very surprised that this store even existed, and that it was located in UPTOWN!


This super cute black fringe dress, yes it is a dress by the way, it’s extremely comfortable, and I honestly can’t wait to wear it again when the weather gets colder. I can see myself rocking it with some tights, an oversized coat, and my best booties!


I’m sorry if I am overwhelming you with so many photos, but I’m in love with this amazing piece. Also let’s not forget that tassels and fringe’s are huge for this Fall/Winter season, and I was trying to show the design or the print of the dress too. It is like a dark “tie die” print. This why I decided to rock this dress with my acid wash BF jeans. Both of these prints did blended it well together!

If you are in the Dallas area, and would like to stop by Rio Ritz Boutique, I suggest you do so, because you will walkout of there with multiple pieces without breaking the bank.


Happy Friday Mad For Fashion Lovers!


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