What I Wore To D.I.F.F.

Aa a brand ambassador, I was asked by ShoeDazzle to host another fashion event this past weekend, at the Dallas International Fashion Festival at Le Fleur.

Le Fleur

Even though that it was a youth event, I was in shock to see what this new generation have under their sleeves when it comes to fashion & style. These kids already know what they want when it comes to fashion. I know for sure at that age, I was still trying to define and figure out my own style!

It was a lot of fun seeing a lot of young girls and boys too, come to me and asked me if JustFab & ShoeDazzle  carried things for them too! Thank God for our sister brand (JustFab), for being there too, and help me with their questions in relations to JustFabKids!

Dallas International Fashion FestivalDallas International Fashion Festival

Curious to know more about my outfit?

Since it was a little chilli on this particular Saturday, I wanted to rock one of my newest additions from Rio Ritz Boutique, the poncho. When putting this entire outfit together, I didn’t realized that I was playing with different textures, and patterns all in one. I even added a pop of leopard as well, with my new “favorite” clutch, from Rio Ritz too. This look turned out to be just perfect. I call it comfortably chic! You all know that the booties are from ShoeDazzle and they are call Brodie!


This beautiful handmade horn necklace is by OliviaMangoJewelry, a local jewelry designer from Mission TX, that I have been obsessing with lately!


ShoeDazzle StilettoSociety


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