What I want for #CyberMonday from JustFab!

Hello Mad For Fashion Lovers, how are you guys holding on with all of the the sales going on everywhere since Thursday? I know trust me my wallet is crying and hiding from me but there was no way I was going to pass some of these sales.

Specially the major sales that have been going on at JustFab. First it was their #BlackFriday sales, in where the entire site was 50% off. I can only imagine what they will have in store for us this coming Monday!

Here is a little secret: Their #CyberMonday sales are happening right now, so we don’t need to wait until tomorrow!

What I love the most about this sale, is that it will be done from the comfort of my home. For the first time this year, it was nice to avoid some of that #BlackFriday crazy crowd.

Check out #MyJFWishlist or should I say; What I want for this #CyberMonday from JustFab!


Heels: Serice Dress: Glitter Mesh Backless Clutch: Divon Bracelet: Linked Fortunes


Booties: Jannen Clutch: Decan Cardigan: Fringe Drape Front BF Jeans: Classic Blowout-Knee Bracelets: Can you Knot (Silver) Studs: Instant Classic (St.3 – Silver)


Boots: Leighna Dress: Relaxed Sweater Dress Bag: Cash Earrings: Little Drops (Gold) Cuff: Three Dimensions (Gold)


JustFab Brand Ambassador


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