Asymmetrical Sweater Dress & Plaid…

And did I mentioned with some gray OTK boots too!

Asymmetrical Sweater Dress, OTK Boots & Plaid!
Asymmetrical Sweater Dress, Joasia (OTK boots), & Tastemaker bag by ShoeDazzle / Ancient Queen Necklace by JustFab / Plaid poncho by Tuesday Morning

What can I say Mad For Fashion Lovers, there is no secret that ever since I became a Brand Ambassador for ShoeDazzle & JustFab, I have developed an obsession. At first it was all about their shoes of course, and now I am obsessed with their clothes, handbags and accessories. My dear followers, if you only knew how far $39.95 can take you, you will be just as obsessed as I am!

Sharing another complete look thanks to these two amazing clubs, and wishing all of you my Mad For Fashion Lovers a Happy Tuesday!



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