Dear Santa: Here’s my ShoeDazzle WishList!

So Christmas it’s now around the corner, can you believe it? Are you guys even ready for Christmas? I kind of I’m, but at the same time, I don’t think I’m ready for Christmas at all. Who am I kidding? I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping yet. Yes I hate to admit that I’m one of those that always wait for the week before Christmas to do all of my shopping. Hey, I still have a lot of fun, and I’m always able to find what my love ones are wanting to receive on this special day! I just have to deal with the last minute crowd..ugh!!! LOL

This season I want to make it easier for my husband, and avoid sending him to the mall. I noticed last year when I told him what I wanted for Christmas was online (from ShoeDazzle), he was so happy, he even did his happy dance. Ladies, he hates SHOPPING so therefore he hates the MALL! hehehe

What I ended up doing this year, I printed a copy of my ShoeDazzle wishlist, and placed it by his night stand. All he needs to do is pick anything from my list – I hope he picks everything, fingers crossed. This way I don’t have to hear his dilemma of why he hates shopping, and my goodies will be delivered to my door!


Dear Santa, here is my wishlist from ShoeDazzle!
Beatrice (Gold)


Happy Holidays Mad For Fashion Lovers!


ShoeDazzle StilettoSociety




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