Cozy Turtleneck & Culottes

Culottes – Past & Present 

Culottes are the zombies of fashion. We say we hate them and won’t wear them, but every decade culottes rise from the dead and it’s yet another culotte moment in fashion history.” – The McCall Pattern Company 

After reading this article I was so inspired by it that I went straight to my closet, pull my favorite pair of culottes, and put this look together. Can you feel the 70’s flow in this look too?

Cozy Turtleneck by JustFab, Culottes (old) by Forever21, Felicity (boots) by JustFab, Oversized Vest (old) by SheInside, Bead Necklace by Baublebar 

Culottes are also very comfortable and you can dress them up or down, depending on your “Fashion Mood”.  I know I hardly wear regular pants and it is because I can’t never find the perfect fit for me. Number one I’m super short, and second I don’t have time to go to the taylor –  I only visit the taylor for special occasions. This is why I prefer to wear dresses, skirts and jeans (my version of pants), because I don’t have to worry about to do any alterations when it comes to these pieces. It seems that Culottes will be part of this Diva’s wardrobe now!

Happy Hump Day Mad For Fashion Lovers!



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