Turn that Shawl into a Cape

Happy Friday Mad For Fashion Lovers, and can you believe today is the last Friday of January? It seems that 2016 will be another fast year, so let’s make sure that we enjoy every second of everything that we do this year!

Plaid Shawl by Tuesday Morning, Denim Button Down Top by JustFab, Flare Jeans by Denizen Jeans, Villa (large tote) by JustFab, Carine (heels & old) by ShoeDazzle, Olivia Mango Jewelry 

I’ve seen a lot of my favorite bloggers turn their favorite shawls in to capes, so I was curious to try this trend myself. At first it took a moment to figured out how to turn this shawl in to a cape. It wasn’t easy because I wasn’t tying the belt around my waist properly, and then when I finally had the belt part down, well shit, I couldn’t move my arms at all. After 15mins of trying and re-watching the same youtube video of “how to turn that shawl into a cape”, finally I had the whole look down! Yayyy… I hope you like the final results.



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