Long Sleeve Floral Dress & Heeled Fringe Gladiators

Long Sleeve Floral Dress by SheInside (sold out in this color) this Burgundy is my favorite one too, Essa (Fringe Heeled Gladiators) by JustFab, Hoop Earrings by JustFab, Jewelry – Vintage

Can we say I just JUMP-OUT of my comfort zone? This is not stepping out of the box for me, this is much bigger than that. As a brand ambassador for JustFab, once in awhile you can get randomly picked to do what they call a “Mission Review”, which they are always fun to do by the way. Depending on the challenge you can get a full $39.95 credit added to your account, or you can get a certain amount of points added to your styling points. Either way it goesΒ it is a win win for us ambassadors. Also, I didn’t know exactly which pair Β I was going to receive from JustFab, since their team always likes to surprise us.

Well this time they sure surprise the heck out of me when I saw Essa. First of all I said to myself “what is wrong with JustFab my legs are not long enough for these type of sandal, hello, I’m like five foot nothing here peeps” hehe. Boy I was wrong! I automatically knew the dress I wanted to rock these beauties with and here are the final results. What do you think?

Happy Hump Day Mad For Fashion Lovers!


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