Heart Shape Collar Sleeveless Flare Dress

For some reason this dress is taking me back to the 1950s. The decade in where style was used to set a common standard of look. This meant that not many choices of dramatically different styles were available throughout the decade. A lot of clothing was similar in shape and silhouette but varied in color, pattern or type of fabric. There was a prevalent expectation to match and keep up with neighbors and friends and to impress others with Matching outfits for whole families were popular, especially during the holidays or during vacations. Matching dresses for mothers and daughters as well as matching sister dresses were also some of the most remembered fashions of the decade.

Navy Frocks Heart Shape Collar Raw Sleeveless Flare Dress by Sheinside, Betty (shoes) by ShoeDazzle, Silk Clutch (old) local Vintage Store.

I honestly wish I was born in the 1950’s, and with money of course LOL. Knowing my taste I knew I would have want it to wear nothing but Dior!



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