Yellow Dress & OTK Boots!

Yellow Ruffle Dress (old) by T&J Designs, Bellavance (OTK boots) by JustFab, Hoop Earrings by JustFab, Clutch (old) by Rio Ritz Boutique

Happy Friday Mad For Fashion Lovers, and cheers to another week that is over. This 2016 year is really going faster than 2015, so hold on tight and enjoy this years ride. Also, sharing  a cute “datenite” look that I put together not to long ago. The dude and I, we’ve been together for almost 7 years, and until this day we managed to go out on a date once a week, even if it is to go out just for a glass of wine. We are both busy with our jobs and sometimes we hardly see each other during the week so it is very important to me that I picked the right outfits whenever we go out on dates. We both tried our bests that those weekly dates feel as we are going out in our very first date!




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