Adore Me Lingerie

Do you feel as sexy on the inside as you do on the outside? How much does your intimates mean to you? To me, it means a lot because I never wear my lingerie only in special occasions, as a matter of fact I wear it all of the time. Before I can pick up any outfit, I’ve always start by picking up my lingerie first because I love to start by putting myself together from the inside out. It makes me feel sexy, comfortable, and not to mentioned more powerful and confident.

Adore Me Lingerie

Because I’m also a lover of “anything pretty” –  when it comes to picking up lingerie pieces, my number one priority is comfort but also, I go for the look as well. I’m a sucker for delicate details such lace but I also like to have a little fun with my bras too, they must be playful, such as this pretty lace bra with sparkle and one of my favorites pieces too by the way. I encourage you to start tossing those boring pieces and find more ways to style lingerie into your everyday wardrobe on Adore Me , and find sexy  lingerie pieces that you could buy as well!



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