SPIRITUAL SPITFIRE Graphic Tee by Tiffany Hendra (#RHOD), Ripped Jeggings by Target, Personalized Clutch by United Monogram, Cordelia (heels) by ShoeDazzle, Black Mirrored Large Sunglasses by T+JDesigns

Dear Mad For Fashion Lovers, if you are in the Dallas area please tell me that you have been watching Bravo’s the Real Housewives of Dallas? Ever since the show started I have been hooked, and I won’t deny that some of these ladies do crack me up. I have two favorite ones in particular and one of them is LeeAnne Locken and her best friend Tiffany Hendra. These two together do remind me of my close best friends, and they are so cool that I wish I was their friend too. LOL

Until I get the chance to meet these ladies in person let me share this awesome graphic tee that I came a crossed Tiffany’s website call Sanctuary of Style, which by the way I do suggest that you follow her blog. Β Anyway back to the subject, when I discovered her graphic Tee’s collection, this particular one Spiritual Spitfire tee was the one that got my attention the most. As a Latina I was born as spitfire, which means do not mess with me because I do have a temper…hehehe. Also a Spitfire is someone that’s wild &Β free, and that can say what she wants to say without a care in the world! Yeap, it does sounds like me alright…LOL



P.S. I was not asked by Bravo nor Tiffany Hendra to write this post. I decided to write this post myself.

2 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL SPITFIRE…

  1. You look gorgeous Berty and I love the hat and your lipstick with the orange clutch! SO chic! PS — I’m totally watching RHOD every week and it’s one of my favorite casts (especially Leaann & Tiffany) even if they are trying to make Leann the villian. I checked out Tiffany’s blog last week too and her Tee’s are really cute! Love this on you.


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    1. Awww thank you so much Dale, you are always so sweet. Also my love you are looking stunning too. OMG I some of these ladies are getting me upset too because they are trying to make LeeAnne the villain. I have seen her in person and she is always so pleasant with everyone. I hope some day I get to meet her and Tiffany too. Welcome to Dallas my friend and thank you.


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