Surplice Top in Olive…Fashion Remix!

Surplice top in Olive (sold out) by JustFab, Denizen Jeans, Olivia Mango Jewelry, Denny (booties – sold out) by JustFab 

I just can’t take these storms anymore!!!!!!

When it is cloudy, sad, and blue out there I don’t even feel motivated – Fashion wise that is! I’m one of those that hates ruin “her good shoes” because of the rain. LOL

Also I don’t even want to get out of bed at all. Rainy weather always makes me lazy and all I want to do is stay in bed and watch Lifetime movies all day or re-runs of the Golden Girls. Since I’m in “lazy mode” today, I didn’t even wanted to bother getting all dressed up so here’s a #FashionRemix post!

The very first time I wore this top (my favorite), was while visiting the Prada monument here in Marfa, TX – Click Here!



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