The South…

The Lone Start State

It is safe to say that I can call Dallas my home now. Texas adopted me back in 2000, and back then I didn’t think that I was going to make it here. I’m originally from the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico to be exact, and when my journey in Miami, FL was over I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do. I knew then because of my loud personality Texas was not going to tolerate me. I have been visiting Dallas from a very young age, my family and I used to spent plenty of Holidays and Summer vacations here, and I remembered one of my aunts always tell me, “girl turn that volume down to 5,  these people here are not used to it and they are super calm”. Well she was not kidding LOL

The main thing that caught my eye about this state was the women and their fashion. There is no secret that the women in Dallas know a thing or two when it comes to fashion; or do I need to remind all of you that Neiman Marcus was born here in Texas, and that Austin, TX is the birth place of Tom Ford? These women and their Southern style are honestly something else, and I hope someday to have this cowgirl or western look down to a tee. This is why I turn to King Ranch Saddle Shop as my inspiration.

I know that I am a fashionista on a budget but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish someday to own a pair of REAL cowgirl boots from KR Saddle Shop, OK maybe two pairs of boots.  These two pairs that I have been obsessed with, and if I had my way, this is how I will styled them. Now remember Mad For Fashion Lovers this is western wear & styling “Caribbean” way.  I guess you can describe my style as Caribbean Cowgirl. LOL

Cross Python Boots
Cross Python Boots
Cross Python Boots
Cross Python Boots



Tan & Multi Color Fringe Boot
Tan & Multi Color Fringe Boot
Tan & Multi Color Fringe Boot
Tan & Multi Color Fringe Boot

If you really pay closer attention to western wear, it can be very chic, glamorous, and extremely sophisticated. And KR Saddle Shop does it well.

Let’s not forget about the men in our lives, and especially when Father’s Day is around the corner. I don’t have any kids of my own but my special dude does and he’s the best daddy in the world, so in my books he deserves the best always.


P.S. I was granted permission by King Ranch Saddle Shop to use their photos to write this post.



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