CC By Dominic…Summer Collection

Wednesday (Crochet Hoop Earrings) Solid Red CCbyDominic, Beige Pom Pom Trim Ruffle Shift Dress (these dress is selling like hotcakes) Make Me Chic, Cut Out Frame Fashion Sunglasses Make Me Chic, Rosal Gladiators (in Natural) ShoeDazzle

I couldn’t be more excited when  I was asked by my dear friend Dominic Roddy, local jewelry designer & creator of CCbyDominic – to be the stylist of her first photo shoot, and also be her first #LatinaFashionBlogger to show off her amazing Summer & handmade hoop earrings.

Everyone knows that #LatinoWomen we’re all about a good eyeliner, the perfect red lips, & the baddest hoop earrings! We can’t never complete any of our looks without the perfect pair of hoops, and that’s what I love about CC By Dominic is all of her unique, and original creations. Also the variety of colors and designs are always on point!

CCbyDominic is a quirky cool accessory line that features vibrant handmade lightweight earrings and custom winter wear. They are located in Dallas, Texas, and CCbyDominic travels all over the states spreading the word about their crafts.


Photo/Video Credit: Jeyson Paez

Location: Latino Cultural Center 




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