Mad For Fashion For Less…The Real Story!

Before and After Surgery
I decided to changed my life back in 2004 by doing Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAP-BAND) done by the great hands of Dr. Joseph Cribbins at Texas Center for Obesity & General Surgery 

Exactly 12 years ago I used to weight 284lbs, and thanks to the Lap-Band surgery my life change, losing a total amount of 150 pounds. I started to notice that my fashion sense and style was changing too, but because at the time I wasn’t down to my ideal weight yet, I didn’t wanted it to spend a lot of money in clothes. You have no idea the struggle of shopping when you are losing weight because I could buy a shirt today, and in two weeks I had it to put it in to the “donation” pile because it no longer fit. Let’s just say that I was and still is my local Goodwill favorite customer. Ross Dress for Less was another store I used to shop during my weight loss journey until I came across Kohl’s. One day out of curiosity I decided to visit this store, and I have to say that it was love at first sight. First what caught my attention was their sales racks and second the quality of their clothes, and how organized the store was. Now, 12 years ago the only big celebrity designer they had at the time was Daisy Fuentes, as a Latina myself her clothing line was my favorite one because Daisy understood our body, and our curves too.

I decided to purchase several pieces at Kohl’s out of their 80% off clearance rack to give it a try. I will not deny that I still have some of these pieces today. I was visiting Kohl’s every weekend and always coming home with new pieces. A coworker started to notice my weight loss and also she like how stylish I started to become. In her own words “I like how you mixed old pieces with new ones, and you always wear the right accessories with every outfit. Why don’t you start a blog?” I was straight forward with her and I asked her “what the hell it’s a blog?” Once she explained it to me, I told her that I didn’t think I had what it take to do such a thing – blogging. She told me that I was crazy because in this blog I could share my weight loss journey , how my body was changing, and so it was my sense of style. She even mentioned I could inspired other women that were going thru the same situation and didn’t have a clue how to dress for their new body. This conversation happened back in 2009 by the way.

Well like they say here in TX, I took the bull by the horns and started to do some research about blogs. I started following some fashion blogs and catch myself recreating some of these bloggers looks too. I still follow some of these amazing ladies today and I’ve seen how much they have grown too thanks to their blogs. Some of these bloggers even have their own clothing line by the way. After four years of following blogs and thinking of a good name to start my own blog; Mad for Fashion for Less was born. I decided to write my first post in 2013, and my life hasn’t been the same ever since. Just when I thought I was never going to be noticed as a blogger because I was already in my mid 30’s, People Style Watch Magazine creates the Style Hunters program. I was one of the first bloggers they took interest in. Then a year later Kohl’s decides to start a reward program called yes2you rewards. As a loyal customer I signed up for this program and six months later I was handpicked by Kohl’s to be part of their “Yes2You Fashionistas” program, before 2014 was over I became a brand ambassador for ShoeDazzle,  JustFab. Recently I became Indigo1745 first Latina “IndigoInBassador” & I just discovered too that I’m Dallas top Latina influencer. I was in shock that someone like me, in my mid 30’s was inspiring a lot of women and being picked  by these big companies. The emails started to come in like crazy, women asking me about fashion tips, how to style this blouse, or a pair of jeans. I was super excited to help these beautiful ladies.

This July the most unthinkable happened. One of Kohl’s representative contacted me and gave me the best surprise of my life, I was going to be part of their fall campaign called “Style for Every Body” in September. I thought the rep was playing with me. I still can’t believe that Kohl’s picked me to represent Dallas, and also to be representing the women in my age group.

Style for Every Body: Thew New Sweater

Style for Every Body: The Ankle Detail Jean

Style For Every Body: The Last Layer

Style For Every Body: The Feminine Blouse

When I started this blog I said to myself that if I could inspire at least one woman I was going to be very happy. Little that I know at my 38 years of age, a lot of women have identified with me. Helping these ladies by answering their questions when it comes to fashion, and helping them with their insecurities, is what pushes me to be the best Latina fashion blogger in my age category every day. When some of these ladies tell me “I wish I wasn’t so insecure and have your confidence”, I automatically correct them. My confidence will always be up to the roof but my insecurities will never go away.  There are still some parts of my body that I will never be happy with but I will never let those thoughts control my life. There’s no reason to take my body for granted, and this is the message that I’ll always share with my followers. Love yourself and another thing, there is nothing that good set of Spanx could fix.

Take a look at these four fun videos that Kohl’s put together while working in “Style for Every Body” campaign.


7 thoughts on “Mad For Fashion For Less…The Real Story!

  1. I am truly happy for you and your journey! You have moved me to tears because I have met you, know your passion for fashion and how beautiful you are as a person. You are truly deserving of all the blessings and accomplishments. Shine on beautiful and know you have a sister watching, taking notes and cheering you on! Shine sis Shine😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Kisha, you just made my eyes sweat too. You know how much I love you and how dear you are to me. Our bond no one can break it. Thank you for your love and for your support always. If this is my way of giving back, and I will continue to do it even if it leaves me broke…LOL. Thank you for your beautiful words and for always being there for me. You know that you have a sister and a house here in Dallas.


  2. My Diva, my beautiful friend Berty. You’ve come a long way in this journey and I’m so happy and thrilled by all you have accomplished, but most of all, I’m happy because you’re happy. You know I love you. Sky is the limit my friend 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so proud of you and just amazed at your transition love. This post just made me tear up for real!!! I have definitely been inspired by you and your style! I am sincerely happy for you. I really love how our blog community allows us to connect with such fabulous people. You dear are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shanequa thank you for always being there for me. I do hope some day that we do get to meet in person. You know that I’ve adore your sense of style as well, and I hope I get to play in your closet because I do love your shoes collection too. Cheers to many more years to come. Love you mama


    1. Pau, thank you so much for your beautiful words, and also for supporting me thru the years too. You know that I am a huge fan of tour style as well, and I hope that someday we get to meet in person. Wishing you and your love ones a happy Thanksgiving..xo 🙂


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