Because I am part of a Fashion Panel – Houston, TX

Dear Mad For Fashion Lovers, I’m so happy to be back from my two day trip from Houston, that I don’t even know from where to begin to tell ya’ll about this amazing experience. Well I’m not allowed to share too much information just yet, because I’m still working with the #BigFashionGods in this project, which it will conclude in January 2018. One thing that I can share with all of you is, never give up on your dreams, it doesn’t matter how big or small they are. If you believe in them and God is opening the doors for you so easily, just keep on going and do not let others negativity get to you, if that would have been my case, I would have quit blogging the moment I shared my first post. LOL

Never in a million years had I thought that an opportunity like this could ever happen to me. A total of 50 women influencers were interviewed over the phone, and only 16 of us made the cut! We all bonded so quickly, that now all of us ladies are looking forward to our second Fashion Panel meeting at the end of September.

Meet my new friends, and as the true blogger that I am, you all know I had it to squeeze at least one “OOTD” look…LOL 😉

Sweet 16 Fashion Panelist
“Sweet 16 Fashion Panelist” 
Fashion Panel
When the #BigFashionGods surprised all of us and said “Here are some free money to spent.” 
Cold Shoulder Dress
Cold Shoulder Tile Print Blouson Dress by Cato Fashion (on sale $12), Earrings Olivia Mango Jewelry, Macey (wedges) by JustFab, Handbag (gifted)

Cold Shoulder Dress


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