Stripe Shirt Maxi Dress Worn as a Duster

Striped Shirt Maxi Dress – SheIn, Distressed Drawstring Cropped Jeans – SheIn, Heels Ami Club Wear, BodySuit – Assets by Spanx, Bamboo Clutch – eBay

I’ve been eyeballing this Striped Shirt Maxi Dress on SheIn for a while, and finally, I decided it order it. Because I know that my hips & ass don’t lie, I opt-in getting it in the XL size, and I am normally a Medium. “Whelp”, this Stripe Shirt Maxi dress does run small Mad For Fashion Lovers! It was to tight around my hips so I was frustrated and sad because I was ready to rock this dress. Then, it just hit me, I said to myself “what happens if you wear it as a duster?”

What do you guys think? Not bad ah!



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